Black Cats
Black Cats.housecat
Current The Gentleman
Breed Toy Cat
Fur Details Black[1]
Eye Details Black[1], Glassy[2]
Status Broken[3]
Cause of Death Battery collars detached from their necks by Varjak[4]
Book Appearances
Alive Deceased
Varjak Paw None

The Black Cats are two suspicious cats owned by The Gentleman, which appear in Varjak Paw.


The Black Cats were both slavishly loyal to the Gentleman, and they were highly intimidating. They had some connection with each other, since when one of them was defeated by Varjak Paw, the next allowed himself to be brought down. They were both superb fighters together, but on their own they were still partially invincible.

Book Appearances

Varjak Paw

The Black Cats appear along with the Gentleman. When Varjak wants to know who they are, they just push him away, as if he wasn't even there and make their way through the house.


  • They are more like robots, other than the speaking toy cats.[source?]
  • The Black Cats probably once were living cats who vanished, too.[source?]
  • It is possible that they still have some kind of feelings for each other.[source?]

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