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Rango2011 Rango2011 27 March 2021

this wiki is useless

srsly why does it exist

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KalinaVita KalinaVita 27 July 2015

Layout Changes

As you may have seen or not, the character pages have received a new character template, which covers more information and has an overall neater look to the broken template we had before. Additionally, I decided to solve the issue with the spoiling appearance descriptions by adding appearance basics to the template, whereas the introduction texts will consist of short information on the characters, which should be based around the character when they have their first appearance in the books. This way, no one will get spoiled more than necessary and anyone can get a quick overview of the role of each character.
I additionally ask you to not alter the Reference sections of the articles anymore. They end up looking very cluttered if the coding…
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