Elder Paw
Elder Paw
Current House Cat
Breed Mesopotamian Blue
Fur Details Silver-blue[1]
Eye Details Green[1]
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Book Appearances
Alive Deceased
Varjak Paw N/A

The Elder Paw is the grandfather of Varjak and his siblings.


Although the Elder Paw has not appeared a long time in the books, he is seen to be a wise, calm and highly intelligent cat. He is the only one to believe in the words of his grandson Varjak, other than the rest of the family, who thinks of him as an oddball, mostly because of his different eye color. From time to time he tells Varjak about Jalal the Paw, their ancestor. Also he is the head of the family in the beginning of the first book.
For his age, the Elder Paw is an incredibly skilled in the Way. He is shown to have sharp reflexes, enough to briefly outpace the black cats at the start of the first book. He lost only because of his age and that he was outnumbered.

Book Appearances

Varjak Paw

The Elder Paw is introduced as the grandfather of Varjak Paw and the head of the family that is living in the Contessa's House. He is telling his grandson another tale about the great Jalal, their ancestor, who has been living many adventures in his life times. However, he stops when Varjak seems to not enjoy the story.
He calls for a family meeting, to tell his family that the Gentleman has been in the house before and wanted to take the cats away from Contessa. They do not believe him though and his son even starts to question his leadership of the family, stating that he would make a better job for it by now.
When Varjak leaves the house at night, the Elder Paw is awaiting him in the garden. Varjak asks him if he wanted to tell him the story he wanted to tell earlier, but he denies and begins to tell him about the ways of a real cat, which every cat used to know in the past. He only knows three of them though, since they have been forgotten within all the years the family has been living in the house. The three skills he knows are called Slow Time, Moving Circle and Shadow Walking. Right after he has told Varjak about these skills, the two Black Cats appear in the garden, wanting to stop him and his grandson from what they are doing. The Elder Paw sacrifices himself, trying to distract the cats from Varjak by fighting the cats, so he is able to climb up the wall without them noticing. Later on it is heavily hinted that the Elder Paw was killed in the battle.





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