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Throughout the novels, there are several gangs mentioned, who appear in the city of the Varjak Paw Series. This page contains a list of these gangs and their known members.

Varjak's Gang[]

Varjak Paw's gang, the Free Cats, consisted of several cats from outlying gangs and several cast-offs. The majority consisted of Mrs Moggs' gang, but he took over prior to her death. Varjak's gang's major involvement in the series was the battle of the graveyard and the death of Sally Bones. Their greatest strength is their teamwork and family bond with each other. Each of them were, in their own way, completely different, but they used their differences to their advantage.

Leader: Varjak

Holly, Tam, Omar, Ozzie, Malisha, Elyza, Pernisha, Jessie, Razor

Sally Bones' Gang[]

Sally Bones' unnamed gang consisted of several rather brutish combatants, who were well-fed, narcissistic and brash, and responsible for much of the terrorism in the town. After Ginger's death, Sally Bones and her gang dominated the entire town from the underworld and was forever on the move to avoid being ambushed. Each member of the gang were brilliant warriors and their leader was no exception, definitely overshadowing the entire gang.

Leader: Sally Bones
Members: Razor, Uzi, Luger, Shane, Wes, Deceased Tomcats

Ginger's Gang[]

Ginger's gang consisted of the strong seeking recognition and the weak seeking refuge, led by Ginger. The cats were military geniuses but were outmatched by Sally Bones. The only surviving members who did not join Sally Bones' gang were Omar and Ozzie, who became outcasts.

Leader: Ginger
Members: Omar, Ozzie, Five Tomcats

The Orrible Twins[]

The Orrible Twins were the two remaining survivors of Ginger's gang and were both formidably strong opponents. They eventually joined the Free Cats. Omar and Ozzie were fiercely loyal to one another and were considerably protective over each other. Together, they were extremely skilled fighters, looking up to each other and working as a team to bring down an opponent.

Members: Omar, Ozzie

The Scratch Sisters[]

The Scratch Sisters were a three-cat gang made up of the second, compared to Sally Bones, fastest cats in the city, each of which with a sentimental relationship with each other. They were strikingly proficient fighters but showed slight arrogance when faced with an opponent. They were rather cocky, boasting to be the fastest cats in the city and to challenge the Orrible Twins over who was the best fighter.

Members: Malisha, Pernisha, Elyza

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