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Current: Sally Bones' Gang
Book Appearances
Living: Varjak Paw, The Outlaw Varjak Paw

Luger is a brawny gray tom cat with a flat snub nose.[1]


Luger is known to be aggressive towards Varjak and his friends. He is slavishy loyal to Sally Bones, probably to avoid getting killed or punished. He is sadistic and takes pleasure in causing pain to others. He was still an adept leader, second only to Razor and Sally Bones herself
Fighting skills: Luger is a bloodthirsty and callous fighter. He was able to hold down Varjak Paw briefly, and fighting in the final battle against the Free Cats. He survived but was brought down with the combined efforts of the 'Orrible Twins and the Scratch Sisters, showing that it took quite some skill to bring him down.

Book Appearances[]

The Outlaw Varjak Paw[]

Luger is the leader of a patrol that interrupts Varjak's hunt.
Luger asks Varjak if he was causing trouble again, and Holly answers him, telling him that they weren't causing trouble at all. After Cludge is told off, Lugar asks the cats if they seen twin cats. However he gets an answer "no".
Razor demands Varjak to give him the mouse, and Luger watches the scene with emotionless eyes. Holly points out that the city center is neutral, but he replies that it isn't anymore. He also tells her that she will obey the law, or face punishment given by Sally Bones. Varjak decides that there is no arguing with Luger, as he spoke the law with absolute quiet authority, so he surrenders the mouse, and the gang cats gobble the mouse down.
Tam arrives and is spooked by Luger and Razor's appearance. Razor taunts her for eating too much, while Luger tells him to stop, and warns them that the all the food from the dump belonged to the gang now. He orders Razor to guard the cats in case they cause more trouble, then he disappears through the gate.
When Varjak defeats Razor, the cats are worried that Luger and his gang might come back.



"Now, we're searching for a pair of outlaws. Twin cats: one big, one bigger. Have you seen them?"
—Luger asking Varjak's Gang about the Outlaws The Outlaw Varjak Paw, page 16

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