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Previous Ginger's Gang, Sally Bones' Gang[1]
Current Varjak's Gang, Free Cats,[source?]
Fur Details Golden[2]
Body Build Stocky, Broad, Big[2]
Other Features Shaggy mane, Bushy tail[2]
Gender Male[2]
Status Alive
Book Appearances
Alive Deceased
Varjak Paw
The Outlaw Varjak Paw

Omar Orrible is a major character in The Outlaw Varjak Paw.


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Book Appearances[]

The Outlaw Varjak Paw[]

Omar first appears alongside his brother, Ozzie, In Sally Bones' territory, when Varjak, Tam and Holly go to rescue Jessie. Omar and Ozzie stop the other cats and question them. When Holly mentions that they are just leaving, the two brothers begin to walk towards them. The stocky cat later revealed to be Omar asks if Varjak is the cat they are outlaw they are looking for. Holly denies this, and Omar comments to his brother about Varjak's strange appearance. Omar tells Ozzie to fight 'Snowflake' (Varjak Paw). As the fight continues, Omar supports his younger brother. Eventually, Omar tells them to stop fighting. He says that no cat apart from Sally Bones has been brave enough to face Ozzie, and that the silver-blue cat was indeed Varjak Paw. At this, the two brothers bow to Varjak. They introduce themselves formally, stating that they are known as The Orrible Twins, the strongest cats in town. Omar says that they are Outlaws like Varjak. They used to be members of Ginger's gang, before Sally Bones made the two join her gang. It is stated by Ozzie that they both managed to escape. Omar tells Varjak and his friends about Sally Bones' punishment, and the two cats follow the others whilist searching for Jessie.
Omar tells the cats about Sally Bones' territory, and when Luger threatens the Orrible Twins, Omar says that Sally Bones could never catch them. He was in Varjak's gang now.
Back at the harbour, Omar tells Jess about how how although he is smaller than his brother, Omar is the older twin. Omar then asks Tam to go hunting with him, but tells Ozzie to stay where he is.
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  • Among the Orrible twins, Omar is the smaller one.[3]




Ozzie: Living (As of The Outlaw Varjak Paw)



    = Male

    = Female


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