Varjak Paw Wiki
Previous Rogue, Sally Bones' Gang
Current Varjak's Gang, Free Cat
Fur Details Brown, tiger-striped tabby[1]
Scars Scarred Face[source?]

Missing ears and tail[2]

Body Build Broad, brawny[1]
Gender Male
Status Alive
Book Appearances
Alive Deceased
Varjak Paw
The Outlaw Varjak Paw

Razor is an antagonist of the first Varjak Paw book, and a member of Sally Bones' gang.


Razor was a bitter, cruel and paranoid warrior, fanatically loyal to Sally Bones. He was rumored to formerly being Sally Bones' best lieutenant and most trusted officer. He was a powerful leader, capable to lead several patrols in the night. He was also very smart, able to devise a plan of attack before the final battle in the second book. Razor was a skilled combatant and a rather brutish warrior, with a forceful and tenacious fighting style. Although he did not know the Way, as Sally Bones did not teach it to her cats, he was still a powerful fighter and had something of a callous sense of honor in his style.

Book Appearances[]

Varjak Paw[]

Razor is first mentioned in the books when Holly tells Varjak the story of him, how he left them to become one of the gang cats. She states that he has not been quite the same cat after this incident.

Razor shows up in front of Holly and Varjak, when they are searching for Tam. He tells them that she has not been anywhere near the territory of Sally Bones. When Holly asks why he would know that, he simply tells her that it is his job. Although he asks for Varjak's name, he gets mad at him, when the tom answers the question, instead of Holly. It is shown that he has a crush on Holly, as he tries to convince her to join Sally Bones's gang, but she declines. When Varjak tries to help his friend, Razor hits him with his paw, so the young tom cat is smacked down to the ground. He then tells him that he has warned him before.

Razor makes a small appearance by guarding Sally Bones while Varjak Paw sprays her territory. He fights Varjak, who uses the Way, but it is no use, almost killing him until Sally Bones pushes him off and demands where Varjak learned the Way. He does not appear after that.

The Outlaw Varjak Paw[]

Razor appears while Varjak, Holly and Tam are hunting on the dump, along with Luger, Uzi and Shane. He states that the dump is now considered Sally Bones' territory.

When Varjak's Gang decides to take the railway to enter the territory of Sally Bones, they spot a patrol in the distance, which seems to be beating a rather helpless cat. This cat turns out to be Razor, whos tail and ears have been ripped off, as punishment for his actions.



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