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The Vanishings are a strange happening first mentioned by Holly and Tam, describing cats who mysteriously disappear without anyone knowing what happened to them.


Let's say a stray cat is walking along the street. It is hungry and needs food. What is this? It smells a fishy smell! It follows his nose and finds a pile of black stuff. It's caviar! As it walks up to eat some, two black cats ambush him. They drag it away to the Contessa's house and the Gentleman locks it away in a big cage, in the Contessa's room, where it is surrounded by odd cats with tight collars. After a while, the Gentlemen will come and take it, most likely putting it to sleep and kill it. The Gentlemen would put a collar on it and the stray would become a toy. Most likely, the Gentleman plans to sell these cat toys for profit.

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