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The Way is an ancient fighting style which Jalal teaches to Varjak Paw



Open Mind[]

"Only when you admit you know nothing can you truly know anything" - Jalal the Paw

This means that a cat must let go any preconceived ideas or they may draw the wrong conclusions from the information they are using.


Using all of their senses both known and unknown, a cat can map out their environment to a precise degree and pin point anything with in that environment. They can find anything and cannot be caught unawares by anything.


The cat that uses hunting must achieve complete understanding of his prey through awareness. Once true understanding of their prey is achieved their pray can no longer surprise them- and therfore cannot escape said cat.


This is performed by a cat by doing deep breathing until everything starts to slow down. The world is described to slow down around the cat, but the cat will go much faster in real time. A cat in slow time is often described as shimmering which is believed to mean that the cat you see in slow time is actually only it's after image and the real cat is moving to fast for you to see

Moving Circles[]

When in slow time a cat can use a martial art known as moving circles which alows a cat unleash all the pent up energy in their body through their flexibility. As a cat moves from stance to stance in moving circles kinetic energy builds up around their body like a cocoon acting as both a shield and an attack. When a cat breaks out of a moving circle they let the kinetic energy released guide their next strike- ensuring it lands with force closer to a lion's attack than a cat's.


By clearing their mind of all thought and all troubles a cat can become one with the shadows allowing a cat to walk anywhere undetected by anyone; no matter if they are in their field of view or not.

Trust yourself[]

Possibly the hardest skill in the way of Jalal. A cat can only become what they truly are (an idea of freedom made flesh) by trusting in them selves completely. Otherwise a cat freed of attachment will quickly fall to fear and hate as the dread cat Sally Bones once did.

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