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Varjak Paw (Book)
Varjak Paw
Author S. F. Said
Publishing Date 2003
ISBN 0-385-60415-7
Editions Hardcover, Paperback
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N/A The Outlaw Varjak Paw

Varjak Paw is the first book in the Varjak Paw series, published in 2003. The sequel, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, followed two years later.

The Blurb[]

Mesopotamian Blue cat, Varjak Paw, has never been Outside before; he and his family have always lived in the isolated house at the top of the hill. But Varjak is forced out into the city when the sinister Gentleman and his two menacing cats take over his home. With help from his mystical ancestor, Jalal, Varjak manages to overcome challenges such as self-survival and a threat from the gangland cats, and he ultimately discovers the terrifying secrets behind the Vanishings. But can he save his own family from their fate?
With wonderful integrated illustrations from acclaimed comic book artist Dave McKean, this book will appeal to all ages.[1]

The Praise[]

  • "The cat magic mystique is brilliant" - Richard Adams, Author of Watership Down
  • "An engrossing and enchanting story, handsomely produced with superbly atmospheric illustrations" - Carousel
  • "Rich in excitement and tension" - Literary Review

Detailed Plot Summary[]

Varjak Paw is listening to Elder Paw, who is telling him a story about his ancestor, Jalal Paw, fighting a battle. He suddenly feels exasperated with the story, thinking that he would never have an adventure like that. Varjak becomes curious with the garden, and he begins to walk out but is stopped by his mother, who asks him where he is going. Varjak's heart sinks and he tells her that he is off to the garden. His mother scolds him, telling him that they were purebred Mesopotamian cats, and that they do not need to get their paws dirty by walking into the garden.
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Publication History[]

  • Varjak Paw (EN), David Fickling Books (Hardcover), May 10, 2005 [2]
  • Titus Tatz (DE), Carlsen Verlag GmbH, July 31, 2005 (Hardcover) [3]
  • Varjak Käpälä (FIN)[4], Gummerus, August 08, 2006 (Hardcover)

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