Varjak Paw (Book)
Chapter Number 1 (of 35)
Page Numbers 7-15
Point of View Varjak
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 7-15

Chapter Summary

Varjak's PoV
The Elder Paw tells a story to Varjak. He is telling him about Jalal Paw, how he was the best hunter and travelled the furthest any cat has travelled before. Varjak turns restless as the Elder Paw finishes the tale, as he thinks that he would never have the same adventures as his ancestor did. He recalls how Jalal ended his days in the Contessa's House and his family had stayed there ever since.
Varjak tries to sneak out into the garden stealthily, but Father Paw stops him, and Mother Paw scowls him, saying that the garden his a nasty place and it wasn't for pure breed Mesopotamian Blues. As Varjak mentions that he wants to hunt out there, Julius rebukes him and tells Varjak that the tales are for kittens. He then begins to boast how he was loved by the Contessa the most, and accuses of Varjak for causing the Contessa's disappearance because of his amber eyes.
All cats start laughing at Varjak now, provoking him and causing him to yell at Julius. Father scowls Varjak and tells Varjak that it was no way to act to his brother. As Julius taunts Varjak, Father tells him that he should't tease Varjak too much, and that the Countessa is upstairs because she's ill. He also tells Varjak that he should act like a proper Mesopotamian Blue, as they are noble and special cats. Varjak is angry and he doesn't respond, and Father dismisses his chance for supper.
The Elder Paw offers to tell Varjak another tale about Jalal. But right after that, the door opens, and two shiny black shoes come into the door. After observing, he realizes that the newcomer was a man with two sleek black cats beside him. The man enters the room where the Contessa is.





Important events


  • The Contessa is killed by the gentleman, the gentleman arrives at the house.[3]


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